The Big Trip: Darwin

The final stop of our “Big Trip” was Darwin.  Initially we booked this as a pit stop on our way to Singapore ahead of our Asian tours but sadly it turned into a pit stop before we headed home.

We flew from Cairns to Darwin with Jetstar Airways, the same company we flew from Auckland to Melbourne and for our onwards journey to Singapore.  The flight was awful.  We’re used to budget airlines and being tightly packed in but the seat spacing on this flight was ridiculous.  The seats in front were so close that when the people sitting in them reclined their chairs, their heads were right in our laps.  As Anthony was really suffering with his back he tried to move around on the flight to avoid spending to much time sitting.  Unfortunately the cabin crew were really unhappy about this and kept sending him back to his seat.  The flight was not full and so he asked if he could lay out on one of the empty rows or at least stretch out in the front row but again the staff took umbrage to this suggestion.  They basically said unless he paid for the additional seats or for the premium front row seat, he had to remain in his allocated seat.  Since the flight was already underway and there was already a number of people merrily stretching out in other rows it seem very unfair to be so rude and obstructive when he was very clearly uncomfortable and in pain.

On arrival in Darwin we took a taxi straight to our hotel.  We stayed at the Darwin City Edge Motel in one of their studio suites.  Staying in a studio meant that we had a small kitchenette and being within walking distance of a Woolworths meant that we could stock up on food and snacks and relax in our suite until we caught our flight to Singapore.

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory.  Whilst we did have a day to explore the city we chose to stay in our hotel.  This was mainly due to the fact that we were both exhausted but also because we felt very uncomfortable walking around the local area.  We’re sure the city has a lot to offer and some great sights but we just didn’t feel safe walking around.

Sadly that’s all we have for today’s post.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed following us on our trip and we hope to be able to share some more trips with you in the future.


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