The Big Trip: Cairns

As you probably gathered from our final “Big Trip” video, Cairns was our final port of call with the Greyhound Bus.

The cheapest double room we could find was at the Cairns City Motel.  It had recently changed hands and was in need of a serious update.  Case in point: They replaced the toilet just as we were trying to check in.

Whilst there are many activities available from Cairns, we didn’t actually do much!  We had already pre-booked a tour so we took it as an opportunity to spend the rest of our time catching up with the friends we’d made on our Whitsunday Islands sailing trip.  We went to Bourbon Street Bistro and Bar and were lucky enough to see a fantastic singer and guitar player.  We also went to The Pier Bar and had dinner and a couple of games of pool.

Here are a few photos we took whilst wandering around the city.







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