The Big Trip: Mission Beach

We hope you all enjoyed our final “Big Trip” video we shared on our previous post.  We’re a little sad that we don’t have any more to share with you but we do have a handful of blog posts planned still, so be sure to check back.

After leaving Magnetic Island, we continued our journey north and stopped in Mission Beach.  We had initially planned to stay here to break up the journey to Cairns and because we had heard about an awesome skydive that gives you beautiful views of the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef and a beach landing.  Sadly with Anthony’s back problems we had not booked the skydive but it did turn out to be the right decision since it rained non stop the entire time we were there.

Mission Beach is a small beachside town nestled between the sea, rainforest and farmlands.  We stayed at Absolute Backpackers as it was closest to the Greyhound bus stop and it was also the cheapest.  The website boasts that it is a resort-style hostel but to us it felt more like a 70s Butlins apartment complex.  The toilet and shower blocks were open to the elements and all manor of creepy crawlies and our room had just a double bed and a sink in it.  Despite this we only left the hostel once, just to run to the supermarket, and we spent most of our time watching boxsets and films on the communal television.

That’s about it for this stop on our journey.  Not as exciting as we’d planned but we were grateful for the rest all the same.


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