The Big Trip: Townsville

Today’s post will be short and sweet seen as how we only spent a night in this city and the vast majority of our time here was spent at the local hospital!

We caught the Greyhound Bus from Airlie Beach the day after our Whitsunday Islands sailing tour heading north to Townsville.

We’d actually only booked the overnight stay to break up the journey between Airlie Beach and Mission Beach but having spoken to friends we decided to have a tour around Magnetic Island before we caught the bus the following afternoon.

We checked into our hostel, Reef Lodge Backpackers, and the owner was kind enough to give us details of bus routes and times for us to be able to get to the hospital.

As mentioned in previous posts and vlogs, Anthony was really suffering with his back by this point and under the instructions of our insurance company and the emergency doctor he saw in Noosa, he needed to get an x-ray and to find out about the process for admittance should he have required it.  So we trundled off to the hospital and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in A&E.

By the time we got back into the city centre all of the supermarkets were shut so we decided to pop to Zizzi’s for a quick dinner before heading back to the hostel for some much needed rest.  The meal was fine, nothing special, and our hostel was okay apart from being a little run down.

The next morning we left our bags at the hostel in their lockers, you pay per hour to use them but it saved us taking our bags with us, and headed back to the port to catch the ferry to Magnetic Island.

We’ve already shared a video of this tour here but we’ll share the photos in our next post.  As you can imagine there weren’t many photo opportunities in the hospital, or the bus ride to and from, but we did have time to snap some parakeets while we were waiting for our Greyhound Bus so they are for your viewing pleasure!




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