The Big Trip: Airlie Beach

We left Hervey Bay for Airlie Beach on the night bus.  Whilst this saved us money, as we didn’t need an extra night’s accommodation, and allowed us to travel a long distance it was the most uncomfortable part of our Australian adventure so far.

Airlie Beach is within the Whitsunday region of Queensland and provides the starting point for a lot of Whitsunday Island adventures.  We were booked on a 3-day, 3-night trip on the Solway Lass and so only had a limited time to explore Airlie Beach before we were on the move again.

We stayed at Magnums, which was really conveniently located in the centre of town making all the attractions, restaurants and bars within walking distance.  Unfortunately it was quite a way from the Greyhound bus stop and because of Anthony’s back problems and Kelly having the flu, our only option was to jump in a taxi.  The hostel is set in amongst the rainforest which makes for some interesting neighbours, namely a tree frog in the shower and the biggest moth you’ve ever seen in the toilet!

Airlie Beach is a really picturesque location with a beautiful beach.  You won’t want to swim in the water though as they’re frequented by box jellyfish.  For this reason the local council built a separate lagoon that provides not only an ample sandy beach but also a safe place to swim.

As we were both feeling a little worse for wear and wanted to get as much rest as possible before we went on our sailing adventure, we didn’t really explore the area outside of the beach walkway soaking up some restorative vitamin D.

If you fancy having a walk around with us be sure to check out our video here.





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