The Big Trip: Hervey Bay

If you saw our post on Wednesday you’ll already know that after our Fraser Island trip and short stay in Noosa we headed to Hervey Bay.  We spent a couple of nights in the Torquay area before we caught an overnight bus to Airlie Beach.

We stayed at the Bay Shores Holiday Apartments where we had our own little one-bedroom terraced house.  It was lovely to have our own little house especially as it was our second-wedding anniversary whilst we were there.  You may recall we spent our first anniversary in Amsterdam, fingers crossed we can continue to travel for each of our future anniversaries.

We didn’t really do much during our time in the city, we literally just chilled out on the beach.  There were plenty of tours and activities on offer as well as various watersports activities but it was just nice to have a beach practically to ourselves for a couple of days.

If you fancy checking out the beach, and chasing crabs, with us be sure to watch our video here.



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