The Big Trip: Nomads Tag-Along Fraser Island Tour

As we mentioned in our previous post, we were staying in Noosa as we had a tour booked to visit Fraser Island.  This was the first of three activities in Australia we had booked with the very helpful Barry at the Mad Travel Shop in Queenstown.

Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 710 square miles (1840 square kilometres).  Aside from a shed load of sand, the island also has a great variety of animal life including dingoes, reptiles, birds and even sealife, with humpback whales, sharks and dolphins known to frequent the surrounding water.

The island has a lot to offer in terms of hiking and fishing but our main reason for visiting was because we’d booked to do a four-wheel drive tour.  The basic premise of the tour is that you get to take it in turns with the rest of your tour group to drive around the island visiting various different sites all whilst bouncing around the unmade sandy roads.

Had we known how bad the conditions were before we booked the trip we would have differently given it a miss.  We were only able to partake in the first day of the tour due to the problems Anthony was suffering with his back, we didn’t even get to go to the really off-road bits!

The tour we did was the Nomads Fraser Island Two-Day One-Night Self Drive Tour.  It included the overnight accommodation, transport with a guide and food.

After being collected from Nomads in Noosa we were driven to Rainbow Beach to pick up the cars, our food and to sign the various different discloses and insurance documentation.

After taking the car ferry across to Hook Point we headed to our resort to grab some lunch.  We were staying at Eurong Beach Resort in there separate backpacker rooms.  Our four-bed dorm room felt a little bit more 70’s Butlins than the idyllic beach resort shown on their website but it was fine for a one night stay.

Once we’d finished lunch we headed out to Eli Creek.  The creek pumps 900,000 gallons (4-million litres) of fresh water into the sea every hour forming a natural water slide for you to either swim, paddle, float or water down.



Having spent a little time paddling in the icy cold water and chilling on the sand we headed to our next stop, the wreck of SS Maheno.  We’d actually learnt all about the ship when we’d visited Te Papa in Wellington.  It was a little sad to see something that had been such an important part of history looking so worn out and unloved and even worse that it’s slowly disappearing.


Our final stop was the Kirra Sandblow where we did a bushwalk to the enormous sand dunes that just disappear from the bush as quickly as they appear.  We had a great time clambering up the dunes and enjoying the 360° views of the island.  It was all good fun until we had to work out how to get down again!



If you fancy bouncing along with us on this adventure be sure to check out our video here.  Make sure you watch it to the very end to see our seafaring friend!



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