The Big Trip: Byron Bay

Continuing our journey along the east coast we left Coffs Harbour headed for Byron Bay.  We were really excited to visit the beachside town after hearing a lot of great things about it’s relaxed atmosphere and beautiful beach.

Accommodation, for a couple, was extremely expensive and very hard to come by.  Our only option was to stay in a room we rented through Air BnB.  The owner rented out the two bedrooms in his bungalow and slept behind a screen in the living room.  Unfortunately his home was quite a walk outside of the town itself so it was a struggle for us to get from the bus stop with our bags.  The other downside was that the house was absolutely disgusting.  We didn’t mind the dirty sheets or the three inches of dust and grime on everything but the cockroaches were a bit much.  There was a dead cockroach in the middle of the bedroom floor when we arrived but the owner said he was just about to clean up and hoover so we walked into town to the supermarket to get some cheap food for our stay.  When we got back, he’d done nothing.  There were cockroaches in the kitchen, a dead millipede type thing by washing machine, a dead worm in the shower, even the soap in the bathroom was black and covered in grime.  If that wasn’t bad enough we were woken up in the middle of the night by the neighbours arguing.  It was so bad we actually thought they were going to kill each other!  We had no choice to stay the two nights we’d booked because we couldn’t get any other accommodation in town or amend our transport and accommodation for our stay in Brisbane.  We tried to write a complaint on Air BnB but sadly by the time we had a decent internet connection, it was too late to leave any feedback.  This is the first time we’ve been disappointed with anywhere we’ve booked through the site and we’re hoping it will be the last.

We spent our one full day in the town exploring.  In the town centre there are a number of chain stores together with some smaller stores selling locally made products as well as a wide range of bars restaurants and cafes.  Being on a budget with very limited bag space, we skipped the shopping and headed for a quick bite to eat at the Ginger Pig.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing as best we could in Apex Park before having a walk along the beach, avoiding the crowds on the surfing beach in favour of the peace and quiet on the “dog” beach.

If you haven’t watched our video from Byron Bay be sure to check it out here.





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