The Big Trip: Coffs Harbour

Our next stop after Sydney was Coffs HarbourCoffs Harbour is a small city located on the coast midway between Sydney and Brisbane.  We stayed on the outskirts of the city, near the Greyhound stop, at the Ibis Budget.

We had a full day to explore the town and after grabbing a bite to eat in the small mall we made our way down to Jetty Beach.

While walking down the jetty we were lucky enough to spot a brown spotted eagle ray; it was such an amazing experience to see such a large ray in the wild.



After wandering around the harbour and admiring the boats, we took a stroll through Coffs Creek following the boardwalk back into town to grab dinner.  It was a nice walk and a great opportunity to watch the soldier crabs hide in their little muddy burrows. If you fancy joining us on our stroll be sure to check out our video here.



Stopping in Coffs Harbour made a great break in the bus journey along the coast but there wasn’t really much to see and do in the city itself. There were a few nice cafes and stores and the beach and creek areas were nice to explore but there were quite a few run down areas that made it a little scary to walk around at night. If we had the choice we probably wouldn’t have visited the city.


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