The Big Trip: Melbourne

Leaving New Zealand for Australia we flew out of Auckland with JetStar.  JetStar is a budget airline with domestic and international flights within Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hawaii.  Much like other budget airlines, there were no mod cons on the flight and leg room was limited but it was fine for the four hour flight.

Once we arrived in Melbourne we took the SkyBus to Southern Cross Station.  From here it was a short walk to our Air BnB rental.  As we would be travelling with Greyhound, the majority of our accommodation was booked for close to the places the bus stopped rather than the most central or “best” areas in each town or city.

Our rental was a two-bedroom apartment in a relatively new development.  We didn’t share with our host, he actually rented out each of the bedrooms separately.  We were sharing with a lady that worked in the city but chose to stay in Air BnB rentals during the week to avoid the long and arduous commute to and from home.  Having an apartment meant that we had our own cooking and washing facilities which was a welcome change after the free-for-all we’d experienced in some of the hostels.

We only stayed in Melbourne for three nights and as we’d already booked a tour for one of the days, we only really had a day to explore the city.

After spending some time sorting out some life admin we then set to exploring the city.  Our first stop was Queen Victoria Market for a spot of lunch.  We then made our way to Melbourne Museum, enjoying the architecture on the way.


Our main reason for wanting to visit the museum was to see their Jurassic World exhibit, which was fantastic. We got travel to Isla Nublar as a VIP guest coming face-to-face with a Pachyrhinosaurus; visited The Hammond Creation Lab; stared in wonder at a towering Brachiosaurus; andhad a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, Tyrannosaurus Rex.  After enjoying the Jurassic encounter we headed round the natural history exhibits, taking in as much as we could before the museum closed.



Leaving the museum we explored the city passing by St Paul’s CathedralFlinders Street Station and Federation Square.



We finished up our walk with a stroll along the Yarra River. If you haven’t seen our video for this day, be sure to check it out here.





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