The Big Trip: Milford Sound

We took our final journey with the “Bottom Bus” from Invercargill to Garston where we met the Kiwi Experience Bus.

Our first stop of the day was to get some breakfast and much needed coffee in Te Anau.  We made friends with some nearby Alpacas which was absolutely nothing to do with the fact we had feed for them.  Nothing whatsoever!


Once we were all appropriately caffeinated we headed into Fiordland and our first stop, Eglinton Valley.  The valley was formed by a glacier and has steep rock walls and a flat golden tussock floor. The view was absolutely stunning and certainly put us in good stead for what was to come.


Our next stop was the Mirror Lakes. On a perfectly still day the lakes create a beautiful reflection of the Earl Mountains. There was a slight breeze when we visited so sadly we weren’t able to get the perfect shot but we still found the area stunning.


Shortly after our quick walk round the Mirror Lakes we were off the bus again this time at Monkey Creek. The creek water is actually spring water and we were able to fill our water bottle up directly from the creek. As a bonus the views were pretty spectacular too.



After we’d topped up our water bottles we stopped at the Homer Tunnel. As we had to wait our turn to go through the tunnel we were able to get out, again, this time to admire the Homer Saddle.  The tunnel is three quarters of a mile long (1.2kilometres) and pierces the Darran Mountain range at the Homer Saddle.  The tunnel is hewed through solid granite and took nearly 20 years to complete.  As we were sat at the back of the coach, the journey through the tunnel was pretty much pitch black.


Our final stop before we reach the Sound itself was the Cleddau River and it’s waterfall that has scoured it’s way through solid rock and has a very dramatic name, The Chasm. We could hear the falls before we even caught our first glimpse. Sadly the walkway was very crowded by the time we reached it making it difficult to get a good view, without feeling extremely claustrophobic.


On arrival in the Sound we boarded the Jucy Cruise ship.  The cruise travels the length of Milford Sound, out to the Tasman Sea and back again. Milford Sound runs 9.3-miles (15-kilometres) inland from the Tasman Sea at Dale Point and is surrounded by sheer rock faces.  Photographs and video footage does not do the grand scale and beauty of this place justice.


Is it just us or does the photo below look like a man riding a seahorse?!






After we returned to the bus following our cruise we headed straight back to Queenstown, just in time for a quick dinner and drinks with our friends.

If you fancy watching our accompanying video from our day trip, be sure to check it out here.


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