The Big Trip: Queenstown

When we were due to leave Wanaka the bus made a stop at Puzzling World giving us time to explore the maze and various other puzzles.  You can see us getting lost in the maze in our video here.

Our next stop was Kawarau Bridge, the site of the first commercial bungy.  We were shown a video on arrival about the history of bungy and the company and then whoever wished to have a go, signed up and went out.  It was fun watching people jump and have a go on the zipline but it got a bit tedious after a while, it was a shame that those who didn’t want to, or couldn’t, take part had to hang around with nothing to do.  There wasn’t even any trails we could have done whilst we waited.


We stayed in Queenstown for five nights before catching our “Deep South” bus and then stayed another night on our return from Milford Sound.  We stayed at Sir Cedric’s Bungy Backpackers and the Tahuna Pod Hostel.

At the Bungy Backpackers we stayed in what was effectively a wooden shed in the garden of the hostel.  It was nice to have a little privacy and space for just the two of us but as the door and windows were quite old it got extremely cold during the night, to the point we were wearing our thermal fleeces in bed!  Then in the morning you had a nice bracing walk into the hostel through the kitchen to use the loo and showers.  It was okay but just felt a little run down.  The staff were wonderful though and since we spent the majority of our time away from the hostel the condition of it and available facilities didn’t really bother us that much.

The Tahuna Pod Hostel was a stark contrast to the Bungy Backpackers.  Owned by the same company, this is a new hostel to their line up.  We stayed in a seven bunk room that consisted of three double beds and one single all  built into pods in the wall.  Within the room was a sitting and dining area and a small kitchenette, although the facilities weren’t working.  There was a separate toilet and shower room outside of the room.  We only arrived at this hostel quite late and didn’t really get to take advantage of the other facilities on offer.  Such a shame as it was one of the nicest, most comfortable places we stayed.

Queenstown has a reputation for being the party town and whilst we’re not into drinking and dancing the night away we did enjoy quite a few great nights out with our friends during our stay. Despite the number of adrenalin-packed activities on offer, we stuck to the more sedate, free ones!  We had a great time with our friends Beth and Luke playing Frisbee Golf after borrowing some Frisbees from our hostel.  The course is set in the Queenstown Gardens and is a full 18-hole tournament course.  For each “hole” there is a starting point, complete with instructions and the par, and a basket to aim for.  The idea of the game is to get your Frisbee in the basket in the lowest number of throws.  We didn’t get to finish the course as it started to get dark (we were that bad it literally took an entire afternoon).  Having the wind and the disappearing light work against us was an hilarious combination, we haven’t laughed so much and so hard in a very long time.


We also did the walk up Queenstown Hill to the “Dream Basket” and peak of Te Tapu-nui.  Once at the peak you are rewarded with views of The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, parts of Lake Wakatipu and the Kawarau River.  It was such a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a spot of lunch and sunbathing with our friends.









As always we have accompanying videos for our stay in Queenstown.  The first part shows the Kawarau Bridge and bungy and is available here.  The second part shows off our Frisbee Golf skills and the hike up Queenstown Hill and is available here.


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