The Big Trip: Lake Mahinapua

After our rather damp stay in Westport, we made our way to the Kiwi Experience “Poo” Party. It’s not what you think, the party is held at Lake Mahina”poo”a, get it?… never mind.

Our first stop of the day was Cape Foulwind.  The coastal walk gave us a welcome leg stretch and some very fresh air.  It was also a great opportunity to see a fur seal colony up close.

After this we stopped for lunch in Punakaiki.  We took the opportunity to do a short walk exploring the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes.  The Pancake Rocks are an area of heavily eroded limestone where the sea burst through several vertical blowholes during high tides.  The pancake formations in the rocks are formed by layers of limestone that have been worn by weather and the sea over thousands of years.

Our next port of call was Greymouth where we were able to grab items for our costume party that evening.  The idea behind the party is that the party goers have to make their costume on a budget with the best costumes winning a prize.  Our theme was a costume that begins with the same letter as your name so Anthony decided he would dress as an Ant and Kelly decided to go as a Kiwi Experience driver.

The party takes place in Lake Mahinapua at the Lake Mahinapua Hotel.  The night cost NZD$50 each which included overnight accommodation, a roast dinner and breakfast the following morning.  Unfortunately for us there were no double rooms at all and even worse our dorm room was right next to the bar.  If you’re on the Kiwi Experience bus there isn’t really any way to avoid going to this party, much like the one at River Valley, and since our room was next to the bar we were guaranteed to have a late night.

Whilst we did have a good time, it wasn’t really our kind of thing.  Enforced fun like this always reminds us of work team bonding events, you’re there because you have to be not because you want to be.

We managed to crawl to bed about 2am but were kept up by the buzzing box of doom that was located in our room.  Fortunately the following day there were no organised activities, purely a nice quiet drive down to Franz Josef.

If you fancy having a laugh at our costumes be sure to check out our video here.  We should have some more photos to share with you in our upcoming posts.


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