The Big Trip: Westport

Leaving Kaiteriteri we started our journey down the west side of the South Island heading to the surfing town of Westport.

As with our previous post, we didn’t really have many opportunities to take photos.  The weather was against us when we left Kaiteriteri and it didn’t really improve much throughout the day.

For lunch, we stopped at Nelson Lakes, specifically Lake Rotoiti.  This is a famed photo spot on the Kiwi Experience where young folks don their swimmers and take jumping selfies off the lake’s wharf into the crystal clear water below.  We didn’t partake in the fun because it was cold and we’re old.  Plus there are eels in the lake.  Really big eels!  We made a meagre attempt at feeding them but the ducks pinched most of the food before they even had chance to reach it.

After our quick pit stop, we arrived in Westport where we stayed for three nights.  We had hoped to be able to go on the Buller Canyon Jet Boat but unfortunately it had broken down and required a new engine.  Whilst we were thankful that had saved us some money it meant we were stuck in a town where there was absolutely nothing to do for three nights.  Of course if you’re into surfing then I’m sure you would have loved it but we aren’t, so there.  Fortunately (?) for us it rained for three days straight and when we say rained, we mean a-month’s-worth-of-rain-in-an-hour-rained!  If you don’t believe us check out the footage in our video here.

Our hostel was okay.  We had the benefit of having a private double room with a shared bathroom which meant that the only time we got wet was when we went for a walk to find the beach, which we never managed to do, or when we went to the supermarket, unlike the people that were camping whose tents were completely flooded.  Staying there for so long also meant we worked out when the Wi-Fi worked and also what time was best to use the kitchen.  Ways to turn that frown upside down right.

To be brutally honest if we’d known what our time was going to be like for the start of the South Island, we would have probably organised our own transport and definitely skipped this stop and the next one.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


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