The Big Trip: Viti Levu, Fiji

We decided to visit Fiji as a belated honeymoon since we didn’t have one when we married in 2014.

We flew from Los Angeles to Fiji with Fiji Airways and it was quite possibly the most miserable flight we have ever had.  Considering the length of the flight, the seating had little padding so offered very little comfort.  We also had two very inconsiderate children in front of us that put their chairs fully back straight after take off.  Each to their own but the small boy refused to put his chair forward even when the food was served making it impossible to get the tray table out.  This boy also fell asleep on the gentleman next to him, who wasn’t even related to him.  We were so glad the mother didn’t bother to chastise her children for their unsocial behaviour, it’s people like those that make flying such a delight!

We decided we would spend our week on the main island of Viti Levu, since we hadn’t spent more than a couple of nights in one place since we were in Florida.

We stayed on the Coral Coast at a small resort called Maui Palms.  We were attracted to the resort because they only had four bures, or villas, which accommodate one couple per villa.  The idea of a quiet resort with no kids was a winner for us!

We contacted the resort beforehand to arrange a taxi and an early check-in, since we landed at 6am.  They were really accommodating and the driver we have was really wonderful, giving us a great introduction to Fijian culture and language.  We were offered breakfast once we had checked in and the staff kindly set up a table outside our villa for us to sit and enjoy it in the beautiful surroundings.


During our stay we spent a lot of time just relaxing under the palm trees and swimming in the pool.  We also tried our hands at kayaking and snorkelling, taking advantage of the resort’s equipment, to see the fish in the reef which was just in front of the resort.



On one day we went to the Biausevu village and the Biausevu Waterfall. It was a wonderful experience to meet the locals as well as have a guided tour through the rainforest, we were even treated to a fresh fruit feast at the waterfall. Apparently, legend has it, that couples struggling to conceive visit the waterfall and swimming in the water has the mystical effect of making the lady pregnant. We’re hoping that doesn’t work for us!




We were treated to a tour along the beach, learning about the different fish and sea creatures. We were also able to swim with the baby Black Tip Reef Sharks that swim close to the beach during the day. Our tour guide Daniel climbed up a tree to get fresh coconuts and soursop fruit for us to enjoy.




We took the public bus back to the airport since it was considerably cheaper than taking another taxi. The bus was busy but it was perfectly comfortable and it didn’t take much longer to get to the airport than if we’d taken a taxi.

We were so happy with our experience in Fiji. Whilst we didn’t really explore much outside of the resort, having the opportunity to properly relax in such a beautiful environment with so many wonderful and genuinely kind people was just what we needed.

Be sure to check out our two videos from Fiji here and here especially if you want to see a tour of the resort and some fancy camera work as our tour guide jumped off the Biausevu Waterfall!


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