The Big Trip: Portland

Portland was the penultimate city destination for our tour of North America. In order to travel there we decided to again use the Amtrak Cascades train service.

We arrived at King Street Station early to allow time to get checked in and drop off our baggage. The interior of the station was beautiful, with ornate ceiling roses and cornices together with large marble tiling and art nouveau-esque mosaic accents. It was certainly one of the fancier stations we’ve been to!

Much like our journey from Vancouver, we spent most of the time in the viewing lounge rather than at our seats.

On arrival in Portland we hopped in a taxi to our motel as the weather was pretty miserable and we didn’t want to faff finding out which tram we needed to get.

Once we were settled in our motel we sort out a vegan bakery we’d heard lots of good things about. Petunia’s Pies and Pastries is a gluten free and vegan café. Not only do they make a whole host of sweet treats, including cakes, cookies and ice cream, but they also have an extensive savoury menu which offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the shops and trying to locate the cinema to see if they had any tickets available to see The Revenant.

Disappointed we didn’t get to see the film we headed to Loving Hut, a vegan Asian restaurant. Not only was the service impeccable but the food was also delicious. We felt thoroughly spoilt and totally stuffed after our meal, it was just what we needed.

The following day we took a stroll through Washington Park. The park is enormous and encompasses many different attractions including the Japanese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum, archery range and many trails and tracks. We had hoped to visit the Japanese Garden but sadly it was closed for maintenance and refurbishment so instead we headed to Oregon Zoo. We had a wonderful afternoon looking around all the exhibits and vast animal enclosures and learning about all the zoo’s conservation work.

Once we finished at the zoo we took a MAX train back into the city to seek out dinner. We stumbled across Veggie Grill, an almost McDonalds-esque fast food restaurant for vegans. They offer a vast menu of fast food delights including burgers, fish and nuggets alongside soups, bowls and salads. Everything is fresh and vegan, awesome. They use the Gardein products that we’d sampled at the Yard House pubs we’d visited in Las Vegas and Seattle and had found in a number of supermarkets. These products are by far the best meat alternatives we have tried to date. We’re keeping everything crossed that Gardein starts to be stocked in the UK!

We also got to see The Revenant.

All in all we had a wonderful time in Portland and we would definitely like to return to be able to explore the local area as well as the city more.

For now, here is the video from our time in the city together with our favourite photos.

 photo Washington_Park_1_zps8awiptac.jpg

 photo Washington_Park_2_zpsg8l4xfza.jpg

 photo Oregon_Zoo_1_zpsutcnh0fa.jpg

 photo Oregon_Zoo_2_zpscvfmxxdd.jpg

 photo Oregon_Zoo_3_zpsef03shuf.jpg

 photo Oregon_Zoo_4_zps5xvvlhpa.jpg


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