The Big Trip: Vancouver

The final stop on our road trip through Canada was the city of Vancouver.  There was heavy traffic driving into the city but this was quite helpful as it gave us ample opportunity to read road signs and find our way.

We stayed at the Riviera on Robson Suites Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.  We were lucky enough to have one of the apartment rooms which was great as it meant we had a separate living space and bedroom together with a kitchenette and dining area.

The hotel is centrally located which meant all of the shopping malls were within easy walking distance and there were a number of great supermarket options nearby so we could save some money and cook for ourselves.  There were also a great number of restaurants and bars within walking distance if you fancied a treat.

We didn’t really do much while we were in Vancouver primarily because we had an absolute shed load of laundry to do, what an exciting life we lead, and secondly because it didn’t stop raining for pretty much the entire time we were in the city.

We did wander down to Coal Harbour and Stanley Park on our last day in the city as it actually stopped raining!  Sadly we didn’t get to see much else of the city as we had to head over to Pacific Central Station to catch our Amtrak Cascades train down to Seattle.

If you haven’t seen our vlog already be sure to check it out here.  This video also includes footage from our journey from Jasper as well as a quick tour of our hotel apartment and our walk around Stanley Park.

Finally, here are a few of our favourite photos from our time in Vancouver.






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