The Big Trip: Monterey Bay

After completing the 17-Mile Drive we arrived in Monterey relatively late so we checked straight into our hotel and headed out to find somewhere to eat.

We settled on Hula’s Island Grill as they offered a wonderful vegetarian menu.  The meal was delicious.  One word of warning though, if you order a slice of cake be sure to share it.  We ordered a slice each and they were enormous.  Of course we ate them all up, wouldn’t want to waste the food after all!

We had actually only booked to stay the one night in Monterey Bay but seen as how we didn’t get to see much of it, we changed hotels and stayed an additional night.

Monterey Bay offers a small town feel in what is a really large city.  We really liked the area and whilst it was busy, it lacked the congested feeling of a lot of cities of similar size.

We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and absolutely loved it.  It was great to be able to watch the sea otters out in the wild whilst eating our lunch as well as check out the passing gray whales from the observation deck.  The aquarium had fantastic exhibits on conservation together with beautiful exhibits for all their marine life.

We spent a full day exploring the aquarium so only had a little time to walk through Cannery Row before the boutiques starting shutting up for the day.  Cannery Row houses Monterey’s now defunct sardine canning factories, all of which now house boutique stores, cafés, bars, restaurants and upmarket hotels.  It’s a really nice area just to wander round and window shop.

That’s all we managed to do in the time we had unfortunately.  We would love to go back and explore the local area more, taking in the surrounding hiking trails and beaches.

If you’ve not yet seen our video, you can view it here.

Here are a few of our favourite photos.

 photo Monterey_Bay_1_zpsbkbwb0bj.jpg

 photo Monterey_Bay_2_zpsc29oaj7b.jpg

 photo Monterey_Bay_Aquarium_1_zpsmkfbihfz.jpg

 photo Monterey_Bay_Aquarium_2_zpsroffzch4.jpg

 photo Monterey_Bay_Aquarium_3_zpszhi5ehvd.jpg

 photo Cannery_Row_1_zps5lrzdcce.jpg

 photo Cannery_Row_2_zpsdxxj742k.jpg


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