The Big Trip: Hoover Dam & Las Vegas

Vegas, baby!

Continuing on our journey west, we left the Grand Canyon and made our way to party central, Las Vegas.

We stopped en route to check out the Hoover Dam.  In order to reach the dam you have to first drive past it over the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  On the road down to the dam, you can stop at the bridge car park.  We highly recommend stopping and checking out the views down onto the dam.

After leaving the car park for the bridge, we headed down to the dam.  There is parking at the entrance of the dam but we drove across it to the other side and was lucky enough to find a free of charge parking space.

There are tours available, one around the powerplant and the other around the dam, but we chose to do neither as we had limited time.  We did took the time to check out the views and grab a bite to eat before heading off into Las Vegas.

We stayed at Circus Circus, simply because it was the cheapest place we could find near the strip.  The hotel was a little tired and worn out and it was quite a way away from everything else on the strip but it served the purpose.

We didn’t partake in any of the typical Vegas activities but we did see the Cirque du Soleil show Kà.  Having previously seen the Cirque du Soleil show in Downtown Disney when we visited in 2012, we knew we would be in for a treat.  The show was a visual feast, we’ve never seen anything like it.  Not only were all the cast amazing acrobats but the music and staging formed a massive part of the show to the point where we would even consider them to be characters. It is a story about conflict and love; of imperial twins who are separated and then must undergo a rite of passage of self-discovery.  It is about their encounters with Kà, the fire that has the dual power to destroy or illuminate.

We also headed up to the Fremont Street area, stopping for brunch at the vegan restaurant VegeNation.  The food was absolutely delicious and we were treated to live music while we ate.  We highly recommend you check out the restaurant if you’re in the area.

Near the restaurant is the Downtown Container Park.  There are shops and eateries as well as coffee bars and pubs.  We grabbed a coffee at a café called The Beat where we got to enjoy great coffee whilst listening to great music and then headed back to the Container Park to check out the Praying Mantis drum circle.

Our final activity was to take on the SlotZilla; a zip line 114 feet in the air that propels riders superman style for 1,750 feet along the roof of Fremont Street.  We were nervous before our “flight” not only because of the height (10 stories is really high!) but also because it was really windy.  Despite this the experience was fantastic and we’d totally do it again if we had the opportunity.

Be sure to check out our video here.  Meanwhile here are a few of our favourite photos.

 photo Hoover_Dam_5_zpsexbd37ja.jpg

 photo Hoover_Dam_1_zpsyv6wr6sg.jpg

 photo Hoover_Dam_2_zps9brgqvcd.jpg

 photo Hoover_Dam_3_zpsroevmpja.jpg

 photo Hoover_Dam_4_zps0vnmwr2e.jpg

 photo Bellagio_Fountain_Show_zps6v7xctgb.jpg

 photo Ka_MGM_Grand_zpscgeequyk.jpg

 photo Downtown_Container_Park_zpsqenognj5.jpg


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