The Big Trip: Colorado Rockies

We only stayed the one night in Denver since we’d pretty much had enough of cities by this point.  We opted for a hotel on the outskirts near the airport after our mammoth drive to make it easy to escape the following morning!

We headed straight for the Mount Evans Scenic Byway after checking out.  The road is 28 miles (45km) in length and gains over 7,000 feet (2,100m) in elevation.  It’s highest point is at 14,130 feet (4,310m) making it the highest paved road in North America.  Sadly, we were unable to make it to the top as it was closed for the season.  We did get to have a quick wander around Echo Lake though.  We had planned to eat our lunch at the lake utilising the picnic tables provided but, unfortunately, the wind was so strong and bitterly cold that we couldn’t stand to be outside for too long.

Feeling slightly disappointed by the fact we were unable to drive the full length of the scenic byway, we decided to head to the ski resort of Breckenridge to have a look around.  Anthony was especially happy about this turn up as it meant he could visit the location of the film, now stage show, Cannibal The Musical.

The town was very nice with some unique stores and restaurants in amongst chain stores and ski wear stockists.  It was very much how we’d pictured a ski town to be.  We popped into the tourist information centre and were treated to displays exhibiting items to do with the town’s rich mining history.

We didn’t make it up onto the ski mountain itself since neither of us can ski, maybe that’s something to learn for a new holiday.

Our final stop in the mountains was Beaver Creek where we spent the night in the nearby town of Avon.  Much like Breckenridge, the town was full of nice restaurants and stores.

Here are a few of our favourite photos, be sure to check out our video here.

 photo Echo_Lake_zpscm0edled.jpg

 photo Mount_Evans_Scenic_Byway_zps7kntmzkq.jpg

 photo Breckenridge_Ski_Resort_zpswii0txjm.jpg

 photo Colorado_Rockies_zpsuituusco.jpg


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