The Big Trip: Texas and Oklahoma

We don’t really have much to say about our speedy visit to Texas, mostly because we didn’t do that much!

Our first port of call was San Antonio.  We took a walk around the famous River Walk but found it mostly full of chain restaurants and very little charm.

Our next port of call was The Alamo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The site houses what is left of a Spanish Catholic Mission.  We learnt a lot about the history of the site but the exhibits looked a little tired in comparison to other museums and galleries we had previously visited.

After San Antonio, we made our way up to Austin but only spent one night there.  We arrived in time to have a late lunch by the river and to wander into the city to grab a quick coffee.  The city seemed vibrant and bright and we were disappointed that we only stayed for one night.  In hindsight, we wish that we’d only spent one night in San Antonio leaving us with two nights in Austin.

Following our night in Austin we drove to Dallas where we, again, only spent one night.  Our hotel was quite a way out of the city so unfortunately we literally only saw the freeway!

Our final stop on this portion of the journey was in Tulsa to visit a friend of Anthony’s from primary school.  Despite not seeing each other for twenty years, Facebook reunited these two old buddies!  Chris and his wife Amber graciously welcomed us into their home with their four children.  Chris was even kind enough to give us a guided tour of his city.  We are both so very grateful to them for opening their home to us and treating us as part of the family.

Sadly we do not have any photos to share from this section of our journey but you can check out the accompanying video here.


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