The Big Trip: Atlanta

We were looking forward to visiting Atlanta for no other reason than it is where our favourite TV show, The Walking Dead, is filmed!  Not only that but it is also the capital of the state of Georgia and the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Imagine our surprise when we turned up in the city centre and it was absolutely dead!  There were very few people around and a lot of stores and restaurants were closed.  A little weird for a Saturday afternoon we thought.

Undeterred we headed to Coca Cola World.  Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca Cola and we thought it would be interesting to visit a multimedia museum dedicated to a fizzy drink.  It was actually really interesting learning about all the marketing and the history of the brand and drink itself.  During the tour there are also 4D experiences as well as taste tests.  The taste test allowed us to try not only different versions of Coca Cola but also a variety of different Coca Cola brand drinks.

After Coca Cola World, we visited the SkyView Atlanta. The ferris wheel towers 20-stories over Centennial Park giving panoramic views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding areas.  There is a commentary during the “flight” allowing you to be able to pick out all the well known Atlanta landmarks.

Our final port of call for the day was Georgia Aquarium, yes we know, another aquarium!  The aquarium has a number of conservation projects as well as rescue and rehabilitation programmes.  We were in awe of the whale sharks and manta rays, we’d never seen anything so big.

If you missed out on the video from our time in Atlanta, be sure to check it out here.  Last but by no means least, here are our favourite photos from our time.

 photo Coca_Cola_World_1_zpsfxsdmnof.jpg

 photo Coca_Cola_World_2_zpsajxqjgdd.jpg

 photo Coca_Cola_World_3_zpsgluws5wb.jpg

 photo Manta_Ray_zpsupoxbdzs.jpg

 photo Sea_Otter_zpstk0fqjrk.jpg

 photo Whale_Shark_zps8flf6ztd.jpg


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