The Big Trip: Kissimmee

En route to our apartment in Kissimmee we drove along Florida State Road A1A along the coast from St Augustine to Daytona Beach.  Whilst we were glad that we paid the famous beach a visit, we were pleased that we decided not to stay there.

Having our own apartment and car for this visit allowed a lot more flexibility than we had during our previous holiday.  During this visit we were able to drive down to Miami Beach and out to Kennedy Space Center as well as visit attractions such as Old Town and Universal Studios.

Old Town is retro styled entertainment area with shopping, dining, live music and fairground rides.  We visited to see the weekly classic car show.  Whilst it was nice to see all the old cars, the park felt a little old, outdated and tacky.  Be sure to check out the video here.

It was really nice to be able to return to Universal Studios and see all the new developments and changes.  We were very fortunate with the timing of our visit as the park was very quiet which allowed us to ride all the rollercoasters we wanted with barely any time spent queuing.  Our favourite areas were all of the Harry Potter areas because they are quite simply magical and The Simpsons area because it was just awesome to be able to eat a giant Lard Lad donut with an actual Duff Beer!  Make sure you check out the video here.  Suffice to say we would love to go back!

We were so excited to have the opportunity to visit Kennedy Space Center after we missed out during our last trip.  There is so much to see and do you really need to ensure that you have a full day to be able to do it all.  We would definitely like to go back in a couple of years time to see how all the projects we were informed about have developed.

We had originally planned to stay in Miami to save a large amount of driving in one day.  However, due to the prohibitive costs and our restricted time we decided to make it a day trip and we were glad that we did.  Whilst the area is nice to look it, it didn’t feel overly safe and felt tacky and very touristy.  Perhaps we didn’t go to the right areas but with limited time and large amounts of traffic, we were pretty stuck with where we could go.

Don’t forget to check out the video for our trips to the Kennedy Space Center and Miami here.

While we’re at it, here are the fun facts from the drive to, and from, Miami!

Tolls paid:
Parkway $2
Florida Turnpike $9, we took a ticket at one booth and returned it at the next
Florida Turnpike $6.40, we took a ticket at one booth and returned it at the next
Florida Turnpike $1.25, we took a ticket at one booth and returned it at the next
Florida Turnpike $1.25, we took a ticket at one booth and returned it at the next
Florida Turnpike $15.40, we took a ticket at one booth and returned it at the next

States driven through:

Miles driven:

Time taken:
3 hours 45 mins from Orlando to Miami
4 hours 30 mins from Miami to Orlando

Petrol top-up:

Finally here is the number plate map and our favourite photos from our trip.


 photo Old_Town_Orlando_zps2cs4u8g1.jpg

 photo Orlando_Eye_zpsj8ukdbam.jpg

 photo Gringotts_Bank_Universal_Orlando_zpskkeff1k5.jpg

 photo Moes_Tavern_Universal_Orlando_zps17tcwjd1.jpg

 photo Jurassic_Park_Universal_Orlando_zpsnuudbjzl.jpg

 photo Kennedy_Space_Center_1_zpsf2j7a2si.jpg

 photo Kennedy_Space_Center_2_zpskjvikeuh.jpg

 photo Kennedy_Space_center_3_zpszbt4igtq.jpg

 photo Miami_Beach_1_zpsszb6coxd.jpg

 photo Miami_Beach_2_zpsegs3bjbk.jpg


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