Holidays in Hindsight: Rome – September 2013

Today sees our final Holidays in Hindsight post for now as we’re flying off to New York to start our round the world trip adventure this evening!  We’re so excited that it’s finally here!

We decided to travel to Rome around the same time we booked the trip to Paris.  Anthony had wanted to go to Paris as he had not been previously but as Kelly had been several times in the past, with numerous school trips, she wanted to experience somewhere new so Rome was the compromise.

We flew out with EasyJet from Gatwick direct to Rome International and got the train from the airport into the city.

 photo Kelly_1_zpsfp9zgwsl.jpg

The train took around half an hour to get into the city and we didn’t have any problems purchasing tickets or locating the platform we needed.

Once we arrived at our hotel and was all unpacked and settled we left for a walking tour of the city.

Our first port of call was to check where we needed to go for our Vatican city tour the following day.

 photo Vatican_1_zpsosdgmr2b.jpg

We also stopped for a quick gelato because when in Rome…

 photo Hedera_1_zpsca5odn58.jpg

 photo Hedera_2_zpscsw9zjbp.jpg

Suffice to say this wasn’t the last time we visited this store for a gelato break!

We continued our tour taking in a number of sights including the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain before heading to the Spanish Steps and surrounding area.

 photo Pantheon_zpst1w0oanx.jpg

 photo Fontana_di_Trevi_zpswzmymgde.jpg

 photo Spanish_Steps_zpswumxiubm.jpg

The next day we spent the whole day exploring the Vatican City including the museum and St Peter’s.

 photo Vatican_3_zpshzl7mo4l.jpg

 photo Vatican_2_zpsudylgi6n.jpg

 photo Selfie_1_zpsthj990ev.jpg

 photo Vatican_4_zpsardfj30c.jpg

 photo Selfie_2_zpsip3oe0rl.jpg

If you do decide to pay the City a visit we highly recommend you book in advance and make sure you go early as it gets extremely busy.  Also, be aware of getting caught up in the numerous tour groups and getting herded through the various galleries, you will miss a lot of the treasures.

We finished off the day exploring the city a little more walking along Via Margutta, which was used in the Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck film Roman Holiday, and the Villa Borghese gardens.

 photo Via_Margutta_zpsq1jskvug.jpg

 photo Rome_street_zpsw2c498kr.jpg

On our final day we caught the metro to the Colosseum.  We had pre-booked tickets for both the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and we are so glad we did.  Make sure you go early as well as it gets very busy, very quickly.

 photo Colisseum_1_zpsgyqvndul.jpg

 photo Colisseum_2_zpses8cb2wl.jpg

 photo Forum_1_zpsiqujq40h.jpg

 photo Forum_2_zpsw9oti14p.jpg

 photo Forum_3_zpsrobsf8qn.jpg

 photo Forum_4_zpspglrzeba.jpg

We also saw the Santa Maria in Cosmedin, taking in the crypt and the “Mouth of Truth“, before heading to Giardino degli Aranci and finally taking a peep through the keyhole at Villa Del Priorato di Malta to get a sneaky peak at St. Peter’s.

On our final day we headed up to Passeggiata di Gianicolo to take in the sights from the top of the hill.

 photo Rome_2_zpskh2e75zr.jpg

 photo Selfie_3_zpsdyt0vq7t.jpg

We ended our trip by enjoying the gardens at Villa Doria Pamphili.

 photo Dragonfly_zps93elm7ct.jpg

 photo Fiat_500_zpszudij5dt.jpg


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